fevereiro 6, 2017

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    In other words, in a fantasy world all your dreams will come true. I hope you realize that you are basically acknowledging that the kind of society you would like would only be possible in a fantasy world with impossible technology that breaks every law of physics.

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    he was guilty. The reason I remember it is that I mentioned to Mrs D that they had overstepped the mark.I also thought Mr Jeffries wasn’t a good example to use this morning. He got legal redress – in other words there was a law already there, the press transgressed and got punished. Unless you want to go for a form of justice.   9 likes

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    Might as well be identical. Possibly a slight slight texture filtering advantage on the 360 on the ground in a farther distance but otherwise extremely hard to tell apart.It’s nice to see that this is the first game in the series on the PS3 to be 100% vsynced and – interestingly – also feature an unlocked framerate so that beginning part will attempt to run at 60FPS whenever it can. It’s close to God of War 3 performance… until you get to the towns and stuff where it nose dives. But forests and snowy woods will have that nice smooth GoW3 frame rate. VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 6 votes)

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